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This FAQ’s blog is a quick go-to resource about doing business with Access. It will be updated as new questions arise, so please come back every once in a while to see what’s new!


Q: Does Access do installations?

A: Installations are performed by our dealers.


Q: What is the lead time on a project?

A: Standard lead-time is (20) business days after receipt of a complete PO and any necessary approvals.


Q: What about custom signs?

A: Custom signage is outside the scope of the over 300 different pre-designed sign sizes and configurations organized within three Access product lines. Everything is made-to-order and already offer a variety of customizable options for sign color, typestyle, mounts, and our SnapLok system.


Q: How does a dealer place a reorder?

A: Dealer reorders are handled by contacting Access at (610) 423-4631 or


Q: Can I order colors outside of the standard Access finishes?

A: Absolutely! There are two ways to go about matching Pantone colors and the choice is yours!

  1. Access will prepare paint chips for a fee so you can review and approve colors prior to manufacturing.
  2. There is no color-match fee if you request that Access bypass the paint-chip process. Please note that in as much as Access is highly experienced at color-matching, sometimes there is a slight difference between how a printed selection appears in a Pantone color deck versus how it translates into paint.


Q: Our client wants their logo on their sign. Can you do that?

A: Yes, we certainly can. There is an artwork set-up fee per sign for digitally printed logos.  We need a vector image to work from.  Aside from black and white, color-matches may be necessary to duplicate specific PMS branding colors.


Q: Does Access have a product binder?

A: Access does have a physical product binder that we use. We also are happy to say that all of our catalogs, brochures, and product information can be found on My Resource Library.


Q: Does Access make ADA signs?

A: Yes, all of the signs in Signature, Healthcare, and Residential catalogs are ADA compliant.


Q: Where are Access sign made?

A: Our products are proudly made in the USA, right here in Exton, PA. Manufacturing and shipping from one location allows us to make sure all of the signs in your order are quality work.


Q: Why are there differences in the pre-configured options within Access Signature, Healthcare, and Residential?

A: There are differences because not all environments call for the exact same types and sizes. We split the options into three different categories to make it easier for dealers and end users to make their selections.


Q: Can Access Healthcare work in a corporate office environment or is it strictly for hospitals and clinics?

A: Access Healthcare was designed to work in the healthcare environment but it can also be used in corporate settings. In fact, all of our systems are completely interchangeable. Any system can be used in any environment and can also be blended together to meet your signage needs.


Q: When are “Residential” signs used, as in the case with Access Residential?

A: Our Residential system can be looked at as “Commercial Residential”. It was designed to be used in vertical residential communities including apartment buildings, assisted-living facilities, and student housing.


More questions? We’re happy to answer them! Submit your inquiry through our Contact Us page, email, or call (610) 423-4631.

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