Introducing Access Identity

A New Sign Solution For Brand Identity

One of the many challenges faced by a company when designing their facility is how to properly display their brand. Your brand is unique and encapsulates the vision of your company. Your sign should reinforce that vision and display it for all to see.


When creating a design and selecting materials to use with your sign you have to understand both the brand and the space in which the sign will go. That’s where Access Identity comes in. Our system allows your brand to be easily visible wherever you decide to place it.


In these six easy steps we can design and create an eye-catching sign to fit the needs and vision of your company.
Process ChartSimilar to our Concierge Service, let us do the work for you! Simply send us your brand and the dimensions of the desired location and let us create the design. All you will need to do is review and approve and we will begin making your branded sign. We can work with any space you want to display your brand. Whether it be at the reception desk, vestibule, conference room or anywhere else inside your facility, we can get it done for you. Once the sign is finished and installed, send us a photo! We would love to see how well it fits into your environment.


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