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When a company develops a service that makes a complicated process easy, everyone wins. At Access, we’ve realized that signing an office or building can be intimidating for people, which is why signage is often the last component to be dealt with in a new facility or renovation. The good news is that we’ve developed our Concierge Service to help with signage while creating new opportunities for our partners.


Renovations Need Signs


A dealer was working on a furniture project for a new medical office. During the initial conversation, the dealer asked if the signage also needed to be replaced during the renovation. The answer was yes, so the dealer introduced Access Sign Systems.


The contact from the medical office was reluctant at first, citing bad experiences with signage in the past. She was also concerned by the project scope, as the medical office occupied three floors.


Once the dealer explained Access’s pre-designed system, and how our Concierge process works, the contact opened up and she started to get excited. They spent time reviewing Access’s design menu and agreed on the design direction that best suited the new office.

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Next, the Dealer registered the project with Access, and had the floor plans sent over for evaluation. When the plans arrived, we reviewed everything and a kick-off call was scheduled with all parties to drill down and get more details on the exact signage needed.

Getting Started


An extensive system overview of our recommendations along with an initial sign count and preliminary budget was created and delivered back to the dealer for review before presenting it to the contact at the medical office. She loved the recommendations we made and decided to add an additional sign type from the Access catalog that was not previously discussed during the kick-off call. With this, a new overview, budget and sign count was developed and sent back for the contact at the medical office to approve. A programming fee was also sent along, as the full scope of the project was now known.



With everything ready, programming started, along with the location plan. Our concierge team realized that there were a few signs on the second floor that were not needed, so we removed them from the final count and budget.


After selecting locations and carefully placing the signage, a copy list was created to match the location plan. Using the copy list, we created a sign summary to see the final count of what signs were used and how many of each type were needed. The sign summary was built into the final quote that was delivered to the medical office for final approval.


The contact at the medical office was pleased with the final scope of work and quote. She decided to move forward with order. We received the signed quote from the dealer and began making the signs.


Great Signage, Delivered


Using our Concierge Service helped the dealer sell the project and convince the contact at the medical office that updating her signage was not as complicated as expected. In the end, everyone was happy and the renovated Medial Office has three stories of new, functional signage.


Contact us to learn more about of Concierge Service and how Access can help you.

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