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All buildings and interior spaces need signs. Imagine walking through an office building, a condo complex or a hospital that has no signage. A space with no distinction between rooms, with no way to navigate though the environment would leave you confused and frustrated.


Codes and regulations required certain types of signs while the rest are needed for practical functionality of the space. When done correctly and integrated into the overall design of the facility, proper signage becomes a valuable element of the overall design of the space.


We believe that the process of signing a new or renovated space can be simple for everyone. With over 40 years of experience creating sign systems, our team at AGS is excited to introduce the re-launch of Access Sign Systems.


Access is a simple, elegant sign system that’s been developed to make the sign process as easy as possible when renovating or building and new facility – office, building, residence, hospital, school or church.


Why Access?


Signage is typically one of the last components that gets thought about in a facility. The reason is because signage can be complicated. Understanding what’s required, where to place the signs and how to match the facilities design are a few of the challenges. 


We created our Concierge Service to take the pain out of signage. We know signs and how to implement them throughout any facility. You simply pick a design, send us your layout and we take care of the rest.


Once you say go, your signs are shipped in 20 business days. We understand that things change in a facility as time goes on and signs get damaged. Our reorder program makes maintenance and updating simple and fast. 

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The Access Family

Today we have four Access products lines that are all manufactured to order by a team of people who touch every part. The system is modular and organized into pre-designed packages that allow easy ordering from a menu of choices relating to design, style. and sign type, such as: directories, workstation ID, room number, regulatory and informational signs.

Healthcare Signage Patient safety signage system
Office building signage Apartment building signage

We believe that all interior spaces deserve to have simple, elegant signage that works. With Access Sign Systems we will add the value your interior space deserves and make the process as easy as possible for you. We’ll even have a little fun along the way!


Contact us today and share your plans.

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