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SnapLok™ Interchangeable Signage

Advances in technology are an integral part of the signage industry. At Access Sign Systems we work to develop new technologies and actively pursue opportunities to enhance the performance of our products.   SnapLok™, our proprietary interchangeable directory and plaque solution, was created to allow components of a sign to be easily replaced. SnapLok™ signs have the look, feel and security of a permanent sign with the ability to change all the components to meet the ongoing needs of your facility.   SnapLok™ keys are provided with the sign order and are used to unlock the components of the sign so they can be changed.   How SnapLok™ Works Two step removal: Insert SnapLok™ key between holder and plaques Push SnapLok™ key toward wall to pry the plaque away from its holder   Replacement is just as simple: Insert left edge of sign plaque into SnapLok™ hole in sign holder Push sign plaque to the left and straight back into the sign holder until...

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