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Making Signage Simple

In every blog we post and in every email we send, you will normally see the phrase "make signage simple" or some variation of it. Chances are if you've spoken to us in person or over the phone we've said it too. But what do we really mean when we say this? What does it really mean to "make signage simple"?   The answer to that is actually quite simple. The custom signage industry offers endless possibilities when it comes to signage. You can create nearly any type of sign imaginable for your facility. That solution is excellent for many customers, but not for everyone. What about the group of customers who aren't looking for something extravagant or custom made and just need a simple workstation sign? That's our specialty. Having endless choices can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the signage industry. We simplify the entire process by having multiple catalogs filled with...

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Wayfinding Signage: The Basics

Wayfinding is described as the ability to navigate through an environment. It is often an overlooked or less thought out portion of construction in a building. It may, in fact, be one of the most important aspects of the completed facility. People need to know where to go once they are in the building and an effective wayfinding program is a way to solve that issue. In this post, we'll be describing the basics of wayfinding programs. Keys to a Wayfinding Program Simplicity for the visitor -Don't make the visitors have to think where to go. The program should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. Consistency -The entire program should be consistent. The typeface, colors, and design should remain the same to prevent any confusion from visitors. Orientation -Showing a visitor where they currently are and where their destination is located is an effective way of orientating the visitor to the environment and simplifying their navigation. Maps are a commonly...

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Introducing Access Identity

A New Sign Solution For Brand Identity One of the many challenges faced by a company when designing their facility is how to properly display their brand. Your brand is unique and encapsulates the vision of your company. Your sign should reinforce that vision and display it for all to see.   When creating a design and selecting materials to use with your sign you have to understand both the brand and the space in which the sign will go. That's where Access Identity comes in. Our system allows your brand to be easily visible wherever you decide to place it.   In these six easy steps we can design and create an eye-catching sign to fit the needs and vision of your company. Similar to our Concierge Service, let us do the work for you! Simply send us your brand and the dimensions of the desired location and let us create the design. All you...

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Access Concierge Service: Signage Made Simple

When a company develops a service that makes a complicated process easy, everyone wins. At Access, we’ve realized that signing an office or building can be intimidating for people, which is why signage is often the last component to be dealt with in a new facility or renovation. The good news is that we’ve developed our Concierge Service to help with signage while creating new opportunities for our partners.   Renovations Need Signs   A dealer was working on a furniture project for a new medical office. During the initial conversation, the dealer asked if the signage also needed to be replaced during the renovation. The answer was yes, so the dealer introduced Access Sign Systems.   The contact from the medical office was reluctant at first, citing bad experiences with signage in the past. She was also concerned by the project scope, as the medical office occupied three floors.   Once the dealer explained Access’s pre-designed system,...

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