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Access FAQs

Who's Got a Question? This FAQ’s blog is a quick go-to resource about doing business with Access. It will be updated as new questions arise, so please come back every once in a while to see what’s new!   Q: Does Access do installations? A: Installations are performed by our dealers.   Q: What is the lead time on a project? A: Standard lead-time is (20) business days after receipt of a complete PO and any necessary approvals.   Q: What about custom signs? A: Custom signage is outside the scope of the over 300 different pre-designed sign sizes and configurations organized within three Access product lines. Everything is made-to-order and already offer a variety of customizable options for sign color, typestyle, mounts, and our SnapLok system.   Q: How does a dealer place a reorder? A: Dealer reorders are handled by contacting Access at (610) 423-4631 or   Q: Can I order colors outside of the standard Access finishes? A: Absolutely! There are two ways to go about matching Pantone colors and the...

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Access Is Now On My Resource Library!!!

The world is quickly moving into an all-digital age. There is less and less need for hard copies of catalogs and brochures. The days of leaving a binder behind with a client are nearly gone. Access recognizes this and that is why we're proud to announce that we have joined the My Resource Library community.     For those unaware, My Resource Library is a leading online resource of digital brochures, catalogs and promotional materials for the contract furniture industry. They are an essential tool that manufacturers and dealers can use to display their products to potential customers. We will also be using this resource to support our ever growing Representative team, who will all be featured on our My Resource Library page.     With help from the wonderful folks at My Resource Library, our binder will be kept up-to-date by our marketing team. All of our catalogs, brochures, and resources will be available to...

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Making Signage Simple

In every blog we post and in every email we send, you will normally see the phrase "make signage simple" or some variation of it. Chances are if you've spoken to us in person or over the phone we've said it too. But what do we really mean when we say this? What does it really mean to "make signage simple"?   The answer to that is actually quite simple. The custom signage industry offers endless possibilities when it comes to signage. You can create nearly any type of sign imaginable for your facility. That solution is excellent for many customers, but not for everyone. What about the group of customers who aren't looking for something extravagant or custom made and just need a simple workstation sign? That's our specialty. Having endless choices can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the signage industry. We simplify the entire process by having multiple catalogs filled with...

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Wayfinding Signage: The Basics

Wayfinding is described as the ability to navigate through an environment. It is often an overlooked or less thought out portion of construction in a building. It may, in fact, be one of the most important aspects of the completed facility. People need to know where to go once they are in the building and an effective wayfinding program is a way to solve that issue. In this post, we'll be describing the basics of wayfinding programs. Keys to a Wayfinding Program Simplicity for the visitor -Don't make the visitors have to think where to go. The program should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. Consistency -The entire program should be consistent. The typeface, colors, and design should remain the same to prevent any confusion from visitors. Orientation -Showing a visitor where they currently are and where their destination is located is an effective way of orientating the visitor to the environment and simplifying their navigation. Maps are a commonly...

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Access Healthcare

Signage in the Healthcare Environment Healthcare facilities are ever changing; expanding and remodeling with new discoveries in medicine. The ability to effectively communicate the locations of departments, offices and patient rooms cannot be overstated. It can truly make or break someone’s experience in a facility. We understand this and have created a catalog of signs that will make this process go smoothly.   Our approach to your healthcare facility is to help visitors and staff navigate through your environment. This is done by analyzing how your facility is laid out and using this information to create an Interior Wayfinding Sign Program. We can also add to your signs to make them uniquely represent the style and design of your facility.   Once your wayfinding sign program is created we make the process of buying and implementing the signs as easy as possible. Our Healthcare Catalog is complete with directory, directional, identification and regulatory signs. Included in...

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Access Residential

Elegant Design with a Simple Product   Residential buildings are not like other large facilities. They’re not business offices or medical facilities where you only spend a few hours at a time. They are the homes and communities we spend our lives in. In order to design and create wayfinding programs for these buildings you must have a deep understanding of community living. Here at Access Sign Systems we have made it a priority to realize this and apply what we know to these buildings.   Creating the signage for residential buildings comes down to designing a system that is both comfortable and simple to understand while remaining true to the brand of your facility. The system is organized in pre-designed configurations with standard color palettes to minimize the decision process. We are also able to customize the top portion of these signs with whatever design works best for you. Access has the know-how...

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Introducing Access Identity

A New Sign Solution For Brand Identity One of the many challenges faced by a company when designing their facility is how to properly display their brand. Your brand is unique and encapsulates the vision of your company. Your sign should reinforce that vision and display it for all to see.   When creating a design and selecting materials to use with your sign you have to understand both the brand and the space in which the sign will go. That's where Access Identity comes in. Our system allows your brand to be easily visible wherever you decide to place it.   In these six easy steps we can design and create an eye-catching sign to fit the needs and vision of your company. Similar to our Concierge Service, let us do the work for you! Simply send us your brand and the dimensions of the desired location and let us create the design. All you...

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Access Sign Systems at NeoCon East 2016

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at NeoCon East 2016! NeoCon East was an incredible success for Access Sign Systems! We had the opportunity to meet and interact with many wonderful people. We are so excited about our signage solutions and hope that after speaking with us you are too! From our pre-designed menu of signs to our Access Alert and Concierge Service, we know that we have the answers to your signage needs. Access Identity One of our main goals heading into the show was to intoduce our newest product, Access Identity. The results were amazing! Whether it be at you reception desk, vestibule or conference room, our logo solution is a great way to make a statement about your unique brand. Concierge Service Offer A large part of our offering is our Concierge Service. Allowing us to design your signage or wayfinding program is an excellent way to not only help your...

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Access NeoCon East

Visit Access at Neocon East and Receive a FREE Starbucks Gift Card

  Come join Access Sign Systems at NeoCon East on November 9th & 10th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center to see our full line of interior wayfinding signage. Get an up close and personal look at the variety of sign menus we’ve created and let our Concierge Service team show you how we make signage simple. Concierge & Coffee   Feel lost trying to figure out how to deal with signage in general?   Access is a simple, elegant sign system that’s been developed to make the sign process as easy as possible when renovating or building a new facility. Simply choose from our predesigned menu of signs or let us build a sign program for you. Come by our Booth #757 to talk to us about how our Concierge Service works and see samples of what we have to offer.   We will also be demonstrating our SnapLock™ and Snap Fit technologies, which simplify sign maintenance while...

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